Welcome to my website,
Come on in and make yourself comfortable. This is a website under contruction so forgive the mess....We're here for the music.   My name is Scott (Bobby) Gillaspy and I like to write music... I would like to go on and on about myself but I will spare the life story..... but that's why I do music right?  The story is in the music... Its life, tragedy,hope, love,"not so love", encouragement, and the occasional not so random thoughts, wrapped up in a faith in Christ that see's me through it all.  And just sometimes a song comes from the experiences.  And we share the music because maybe, just maybe therein the words or instrumentation, is a part of your experience..... just put in a different way.
Thanks, Scott
P.S. You can also find us at www.reverbnation.com

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There are no upcoming events right now.

New Music Debut 

As the sun was setting on another beautiful Tucson Saturday our sound check was well under way, we couldnt wait to show the new stuff and the band blew through some blues jamming and a number of the songs.  Chris and Emma really had fun as Emma laid down smooth leads with her violin over Chris's acoustic phrasing setting the mood for the evening.  We were watching from the game room playing checkers because I just cant sit there before going on....I get really nervouse so I have to be doing something that is just distracting enough to keep me from thinking too much.  We had a great set and everyone had fun and I got to play the red hollowbody and it sounded great.  We ended the set with a song I wrote "Your Good Aint Good Enough" with my mom in mind as she was a southern gospel performer, and I dedicated it to her memory.  I was going to video record the concert but I forgot to press the button....yaay.  My wife did however record and turned up some of the action on her IPhone and I may or may not post it on our reverbnation site.
I was pleased with the reaction to the music and look forward to refining the dinamics and having more fun....as for this first peek, I was just happy to remember the words!! God is good.
Luke 3:4

Ducks In A Row 

 Wow, I am so excited to share the music ive been working on for months now!  I dont think I would have writen this much had Dale at GJ's not offered us a set next Saturday.  You never know what its gonna take to " get your rear in gear "so to speak.  Ive been writing music for 4 months and most nights  I dont get started on the music till 9ish on a nightly basis and sometimes working till 1 or 2 am or til I fall asleep.  I recorded  demo's for the guys to learn the music and that is what you hear on the site player....not professional but recorded on anything from my I-Phone to a 4 track tape player I scored off Craigs list and Garage Band.  Anything to get the idea across.  I am looking forward to recording a CD soon, I just cant give a date yet as the travel details or arrangements have not been solidified.
   Anyways, I was out putting up fliers around the area and mostly coffee shops and apartment complex laundry rooms peg boards...and people will let you put those things up if you ask nicely....people are nice if you give them a chance.
   I pray for God's guidance in these things from who hears the music to where I hang flyers to who I talk to. Next Saturday night  Chris and Emma will start the music and then a open mic intermission and we will do 45 minutes.  Jimmy is a versitile drummer who plays in a Tejano band and on the praise team at church and with me of course.  Anthony is really a guitarist who likes to play heavy metal, Maiden style music and I have recruited him to make the leap to playling bass guitar. So we will see what Saturday holds and looking forward to hanging out with friends and sharing the music.

Original Music Temporarily Removed 

A good reason to take off the origional music off my web site is because I am getting my "ducks" in a row and register the music....which takes some time...I may put up some worship songs i like to do. I do have a riffy version of "Silent Night" I will post and my neice was complaining about her begginer guitar and she wanted one like mine and I told her her guitar can make "big boy" sounds and she wanted to record me playing her guitar and on her little practice amp that was included with her guitar.  So, thats the video she made after the guitar lesson:)
I may stream some of my doodling though.

The 13th sandwich gig. 

 I showed up early because I like to get a handle on it all....   The other two bands Romans Road and Super Vision were already there and we got a chance to know a little about eachother before the show started.  Romans Road may be the youngest band ive ever met....They are really sweet teens and put on a great set.  Me and Jimmy were able to play a couple of songs and they seemed to be recieved rather well.  Super Vision put on a great show and played the song "half alive" like I had hoped they would.  Great bunch of guys that I hope to see succeed in their endeavers.  We are really excited to work on new material and playing again next month at GJs and also excited to do a whole show in early January as well.

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