The 13th sandwich gig. 

 I showed up early because I like to get a handle on it all....   The other two bands Romans Road and Super Vision were already there and we got a chance to know a little about eachother before the show started.  Romans Road may be the youngest band ive ever met....They are really sweet teens and put on a great set.  Me and Jimmy were able to play a couple of songs and they seemed to be recieved rather well.  Super Vision put on a great show and played the song "half alive" like I had hoped they would.  Great bunch of guys that I hope to see succeed in their endeavers.  We are really excited to work on new material and playing again next month at GJs and also excited to do a whole show in early January as well.

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  • Chris


    Awesome couple of songs last saturday night.
    Awesome couple of songs last saturday night.